My Life In Rosé

Gimme Shelter

For some of the world, summer is a time of relaxation, laughter, long lasting friendships, making memories, sunshine and too much rosé. For me, it’s all those things and so much more… like a whole lot more. I have been spending summers on Shelter Island full-time for 6 years now. I wanted to give my kiddos a summer outside of the city (back when we lived in Brooklyn), a summer of late nights, sailing during the day and endless ice cream. I consider myself a very lucky gal to be able to do this. From my instagram feed, it looks like it’s all rosé and beach days. Boy or boy are you in for a shock… Of course it’s all of those wonderful things, but it’s also running our summer shop, going the extra mile for customers and staying late to get the project done, it’s the managing and designing for our licensing partners, it’s the getting the dinner on the table for our family, it’s trying to squeeze in a workout and not feel guilty. I may be tired from the summer days, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. I love this little island and I hope I never stop summering here.

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